COMPRO Simulation Software

  • Built on the Convergent Common Component Architecture (CCA) platform.
  • Uses the same material data bases as the RAVEN Simulation Software.
  • Enables advanced composites process simulation within general purpose finite element environments such as ABAQUS and ANSYS.
  • Powerful tool for spring-in calculations and tool compensation.
  • Handles complex hybrid structures and multi-stage processes.

With COMPRO you can perform very detailed process analysis of complex structures, which allows you to:

  • Calculate process induced deformations (spring-in) and develop recommendations for geometric tool compensation.
  • Calculate residual stresses in composite laminates and configured structures.
  • Develop cure cycles and tooling that meets cure cycle specifications.
  • Simulate the behaviour of hybrid structures with cores, pre-cured skins, adhesive layers and inserts.
  • Simulate the behaviour of hybrid, multi-step processes: co-cure, co-bond and secondary bonding.

To use COMPRO you need a license and working knowledge of a supported general purpose finite element software such as ABAQUS or ANSYS. The general workflow to set up and run a COMPRO model is:

  • Define geometry or import geometry from CAD program to preprocessor of choice,
  • Generate finite element mesh of part, tool and caul-sheets/inserts,
  • Set-up FE model with boundary and initial conditions and link to COMRPO,
  • Run model,
  • Evaluate results,
  • Redesign or optimize your process accordingly.

COMPRO is currently available in the ABAQUS and ANSYS software packages. The following table shows analysis features and capabilities available for each version of COMPRO.












Year of first implementation


Graphical User Interface

check mark1

In Development

Thermo-chemical analysis

check mark

check mark

Flow-Compaction analysis

check mark

check mark

Stress-Deformation analysis

check mark

check mark

Fully Coupled Flow-Stress

check markIn Development

Multiple Processors

check mark(SMP and MPP)

check mark(SMP)

Layered Composite Elements

Stress-deformation analysis only

Thermo-chemical and

Stress-deformation analyses

Integration with Design Workflow

CATIA, CL, CMA, RSOANSYS Workbench, ACP and FiberSIM


  1. COMPRO Plug-in for ABAQUS CAE
FE model of spar on tool
Thermal gradients in spar and tool
Deformation of spar off tool
FE model of wing skin on tool
Thermal gradients in wing skin and tool
Deformations of wing skin off tool

COMPRO requires good computational resources for a satisfying user experience.

A mid to high end CPU (or CPUs) that is less than five years old is recommended as well as a minimum of 4 GB of RAM memory.

The results of the simulations can be quite large, and approximately 100 GB of free hard drive space is recommended before starting new simulations.

COMPRO runs on x86 compatible hardware architectures that uses Microsoft Windows (7, 8, or 10) or various flavours of Linux operating systems.

In addition to these requirements, a valid ABAQUS/Standard v6.14-4 to v2020 or ANSYS R.16- 2020 R.1 license is required. All COMPRO features are available in the most recent version of either solver. However, some features may not be available in older solvers due to solver limitations. Please contact Convergent with specific questions about features available in a version of interest.