Manufacturing Processes

Processes are typically categorized by the method of material deposition to the process tool, e.g. hand-lay-up, fiber placement, or resin infusion. The method of material deposition is important, but it is only one of several steps in the manufacturing process that controls the outcome and quality of the manufactured structure.

Our RAVEN and COMPRO software simulates heat-up, cure/crystallization, property evolution, residual stress build-up, and deformations for virtually all composites processes following material deposition and resin saturation steps.

Our COHO system measures gas flow and can rapidly detect and localize leaks in your vacuum bag for prepreg processing and any process that relies on vacuum evacuation.

Processes where are our software and hardware are currently being used include:

  • Prepreg processing (in and outside autoclave)
  • Resin infusion (RTM, VARI, RFI, SCRIMP)
  • Fiber, tow and tape placement
  • Filament winding
  • Compression molding